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Chocolate Enrobing & Packaging Lines

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Chocolate Enrobing & Packaging Lines

from 2 facilities in Wisconsin

Chocolate Equipment

(2) Chocolate enrobing lines

Elsinghorst & Racine chocolate melters

Savage break back fire mixers

Hobart vertical mixers

Groen 60 gallon kettles

Copper 39″ revolving pans

Sollich tempering units

Union Process ball mills

McCarter chocolate tanks

Boxes of chocolate molds

Packaging Machinery

Package Machinery vertical form, fill & seal machine

Sasib Series III horizontal flow wrappers

Doboy Mustang IV horizontal flow wrappers

Weldotron shrink tunnel

Goring Kerr metal detectors

Plant Equipment

Pallet racking

Stainless steel sinks

Hot water tanks

Haier frost free refrigerators

Wooden display carts

Formica counter tops

Office furniture & equipment

Auction will be held online with Rabin 24/7.
Bidding opens Tuesday, September 4th at 10:00 am Pacific Time.

Lot Closing Schedule
Lots 101 to 337 – Greenfield, Wisconsin Items
Will close Wednesday, September 12th starting at 8 am Pacific Time.

Lots 338 to 485 – Cedarburg, Wisconsin Items
Will close Thursday, September 13th starting at 8 am Pacific Time.