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New-Unused Aseptic PET Bottling Facility

  • Liquidation
  • Mt Shasta, CA
  • Ongoing Liquidation
  • ADD TO CALENDAR 22/09/2021 New-Unused Aseptic PET Bottling Facility

    Liquidation Sale No Longer Needed in the continuing operations of Crystal Geyser Water Company All Equipment New in 2015 Mt. Shasta California Location Only

    Mt Shasta, CA
Liquidation Sale

No Longer Needed in the continuing operations of
Crystal Geyser Water Company

All Equipment New in 2015
Mt. Shasta California Location Only

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  • All Equipment New in 2015
  • Never Operated since Installation
  • Fully Complete Turn Key Production Plant
  • Offered in its Entirety and/or Individual Components
COVID-19 Update

Due to social distancing practices to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), inspections and removal of items after the sale will be by appointment only. We are closely monitoring the directives  regarding these restrictions and following guidelines from the local health departments.


Blow Molding System

Sidel Matrix PET Bottle Blow Molding System, model SBO-24, Type TM 24-4, 24-cavity, rated for approximately 880 bottle/minute (2200 bottles per hr./cavity). Set up to feed Mitsubishi dry aseptic filling and capping system.  Blow molding system includes conveyorized oven with preform holders, inline filters and power modules, Sidel pre form feeder, tote dumper and conveying system from dumper to preform feeder/aligner, CTA-Sidel R134a mold chiller, and PREDIS dry preform decontamination box. Decontamination box includes Solvay feed system, Delta Neu Electrojet 16 Sidel – DCP500 24V mist collection system and inline Donaldson Ultra filters. System was commissioned and tested on 1.25-liter bottles. Never put into production. Complete with ABC 1200 HP high pressure air compressor system rated for 32 bar (464 PSI), with dedicated chiller and closed-loop cooling tower.

PET Bottle Filling System

Mitsubishi 120 Valve Dry Aseptic Bottle Filler, model FGR120L36-AS, Setup to run PET bottles of sparkling water & still water and glass bottles of iced tea @ approximately 900 bottles/min. With 36-head rotary capper, sealed cabinet stainless enclosure with rotary neck-held feed wheels for bottles to filling head. Capper is fed by Closure Systems, Inc. (CSI) cap handling and Mitsubishi cap sterilization system with Amano VNA-15 dust collector, plus operators’ station with dual monitor control station, and external HMI controller.
Available with Heuft Spectrum cap inspector with automatic reject system, Hartness 20′ long stainless table top transfer belt and 90-degree curve to reject accumulation table, plus product water feed system consisting of associated pumps, valves, flow meters, filters, piping and drain system.

Labeling Segment

Sidel Matrix PET Wrap Around Rotary Labeler, model SL70, 20-head, currently set up for 500 ml bottles. With change parts for 1250 ml & 12 oz bottles. Complete with rotary glue applicator system and automatic roll stock feed, a stainless PLC control cabinets and associated MCC’s and panels.

FT System Label Inspection System, model IE720_2-VA, with high-speed air reject system and accumulation table. Includes (2) detection boxes, each with 10″ wide x 18″ high apertures, 18″ wide x 15′ long reject accumulation table with SEW-Eurodrive 1 HP motor drive

Hartness Dynac Bi Directional Accumulating Table, model 7100 FIFO, first in – first out type measuring 80″ wide x 52′ long. With guide rails and end mounted vertical motor through gearbox, 2 HP, 230/460V, 3/60Hz,

Tray & Bundling Overwrap Systems

Hartness Shrink Film Tray Overwrap System, model Global Shrink 4510-80, designed to run 500ml 4x (3×2) packs, 500ml 6x (2×2) packs and 1.25L 4x (3×1) packs. Overwrap feed is divided into (8) 2-1/2″ wide lanes for bottles with 27″ wide overwrap bar for plastic wrap. Shrink tunnel is fed by 48″ wide belt with tunnel path clearance of 38″ wide x 17″ high. With Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 HMI controller and low-level conveyorized tray feed system rated for up to 60 cases/minute.

Hartness Film Only Shrink Film Bundler, model Global Shrink 4520-80. Overwrap feed includes 6-row lane dividers and includes 36″ wide bar for plastic wrap. Shrink tunnel is fed by 48″ wide belt, with tunnel path clearance of 38″ wide x 17″ high.  Includes Allen Bradley Panellview Plus 1000 HMI controller with all belts driven by SEW-Eurodrive gearmotors. Rated for up to 60 cases/minute.

Mettler Toledo Hi Speed Case Checkweigh System, model CS3600 XE, for large-size cases and packages. Rated for nominal capacity of 60 lbs. @ 240 FPM belt speed. Controller is up to 100 product memory and has color touch screen. Complete with automatic reject system with pusher arm, 24″ x 20′ long stainless accumulation table for rejects

Robotic Palletizer & Auto Pallet Wrapper

Hartness High Speed Robotic Palletizing System, model HSP three position robotic style system. Includes (3) Fanuc robots for layer forming, slip sheet handling and packing of cases onto pallets. Fanuc System R-30iB, type A05B-2612-B022, with remote controller, and Fanuc System R-30iB, type A05B-2610-B222, with remote controller. Complete with automatic pallet feed system with infeed roller conveyor extending through robots to Lantech “Leanwrap” Model SLA-AUTO stretch pallet wrapping system, with connecting discharge roller conveyor to warehouse area. Full PLC controls plus connecting MCC’s.

Blend Room & Silo Tank

Complete Blend Tank Room with (2) Feldmeier 6,600-gallon jacketed mix tanks, Feldmeier Tri-Blender, Fristam FZX2150 pump, Masosine SPS 300 Sine Pump, (2) Alfa Laval 10 HP discharge pumps, plus associated valves, piping & controls. Feldmeier vessels are 316L shell and 304 stainless steel jackets. Jackets rated for 150 PSI @ 175 degrees F / -20 degrees F. Vessels measure 9-1/2′ outside dia. x 14-1/2′ straight side, dish top & bottom with 2″ diameter center bottom outlet, 18″ dia. top manway opening, with center top 5 HP bridge type agitation and CIP spray balls. Vessel mounted on stainless pipe legs with footpads and cross bracing, ASME code constructed with National Board numbers 647 & 648

Walker 10,000-gal Insulated Silo Tank, model VSHT/304 S.S., measuring 10-1/2′ dia. x 20′ high. Dish top with sloped bottom to side bottom outlet. Alcove area includes 20″ x 16″ oval manway, 6″ diameter side bottom outlet, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ openings, and CIP spray balls. Serial #WEP-131941.

CIP & Carbon Filter Systems

A&B Process CIP Skids, qty 2, models TK91100, 150-gallon tanks measuring 30″ diameter x 48″ high, tubular heat exchangers with electrically heated elements. System support consists of (5) shared 800 & 1200 gallon water, chemical & caustic tanks mounted on ss legs, plus condensate return system. Complete with all associated pumps, piping, valves, flow metering and control panels

Evoqua Water Technologies Carbon Bed Filter Tanks, qty 2, 4500-gallon, rated at 100 PSI @ 250 degrees F / -20 degrees F. Tanks measure 6′ dia. x 8′ straight side with dish top & bottom with 6″ center bottom outlets tapered to 3″ diameter. Mounted on 5-1/2″ diameter stainless legs with footpads. Includes top manways with cover, approx. 2″ diameter center top opening, (2) 3″ diameter side-top openings and (2) 3″ bottom drains. Includes Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 700 touchscreen controls.

Tetra Pak Process Systems

Tetra Pak Alsafe Aseptic Jacketed Processing System. Includes 5,500-gallon aseptic tank with vacuum jacket rated for 80 PSI full vacuum, and 100 PSI @ 300 degrees F r / -20 degrees F full jacket. ASME code constructed with 7-1/2 HP top entering agitation with 3-blade turbine paddles. Alsafe pump and control skid includes Alfa Laval LKH25M, 25 HP, 3″ in x 2-1/2″ centrifugal pump, touch screen controller, VFD’s, piping and valves. Skid s/n is T5844611359.

Tetra Pak Sterile Water / Clean Steam Generator. Skid mounted system consists includes Tetra Pak Model C10-KSH plate-type heat exchanger/economizer, with approx. (150) 24″ wide x 60″ high plates, (5) divider blocks, 4″ dia. in/outs, 1568.6 sq. ft area, rated for 290 PSI @ 290 degrees F / -20 degrees F. Also includes 500-gallon stainless tank, (2) Alfa Laval 4” x 3” 10 HP centrifugal pumps, 3” x 2 ½” centrifugal pump, plus sterile water supply components.

Facility Equipment

Miura 200 HP High Pressure Steam Boilers, qty 4, model LX-200SGI, 6,695,000 BTU/hr. output, Propane-fired, Low NOx steam generator, Water tube boiler, LX Gas/ Low NOx Series, with 170 PSI, 388 sq. ft. heating surface area @ 400 degrees F, 6900 lbs./hr. steam capacity, 7,088,000 maximum input and 2,200,000 BTU/hr. minimum input. Includes Miura CPI-MI chemical pump total control system, condensate return, water softener tanks and pumps sets

Kohler 100 KW Standby Generator, model 100 REOZJF, serial # SGM32CPFD, 150 amps, 125 kVA, 277/480 Voltage, 3-phase, Alt. model 4R9X, 1800 RPM. Powered by John Deere diesel engine, and includes diesel storage tank and enclosure. Additional Kohler spec # GM81567-GA5, and material #100REOZJF

30,000-Gallon Propane Storage Tank, manufactured by the Lang Company, model D300LP, 109-15/16″ outside diameter X 64′ 9-1/2″ overall length, rated for 250 PSI @ 650 degrees F. Mounted on 10′ wide concrete saddle, ASME code certified. Includes propane pump & meter station. Renovated in 2015 and never used.

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