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Food Processing and Packaging Equipment

  • March 16, 2015
  • Seesen, Germany

Food Processing and Packaging Equipment

No longer needed by HJ Heinz GmbH
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Food Processing and Packaging Equipment

Late model production and packaging lines for reusable containers of baked “Fridge-Pak” beans, single serve microwave pots for soups, stews and pasta, plus infant portion ready meal dishes.

Mondini Filling/Sealing Line

  • Mondini cup/pot filling & sealing line, previously running at approx. 3,600 trays/hr, with singulator alignment assembly
  • (2) particle & sauce filling stations
  • Holding tank and pump set
  • Tray sealer
  • Extra tray sealing die set
  • Chain type transport conveyor throughout
  • Siemens Simatic OP17 control panel (2006)

Multihead Weigher

  • Multipond multihead weigher, model MP-1601-FFC-S5R-(4×4), s/n M2194, 16 x 4 compartment weigh cells, with collection hopper, vibrating feeder, and support frame (2006)

Sterilizing & Washing Equipment

  • Sabiel Rotomat basket unloader, model Korbentla, s/n 18944, with vacuum lifter and outfeed conveyor (2000)
  • Jorgensen cup/pot washer, s/n 016183461-077, with 5-lane infeed and discharge conveyors, (3) 90-degree turns, and inclined segment to palletizer (2000)

Food Preparation Equipment

  • (4) Herbort GmbH rotary blanchers, 1100 mm dia x 5000mm
  • Steiner bean cleaner, model TW658/1000, s/n 12-1413, (2012)
  • Dodman flotation washer-skinner, model DST-103, s/n DL-1025, output of 2500 kg/std (2000)
  • (2) Solia onion slicers
  • Alexanderwerk meat mincer, model UG, with mobile tub
  • Widmann & Sohn 200-litre tilting kettle, model 14676/3, with homogenizing agitator
  • Groneweg tote lifter, model EAZM-M2000-250, stationary unit approx 4650mm high (feeding weigher platform) (2006)
  • Seepex mobile paste pump, model BCSB010-6L, (2014)

Lieder Lid Machines

  • Lieder lid sealing machine, model TA-66-V, s/n 61190, 6-head sealing unit, with Siemens Simatic control panel (2010)
  • Lieder lid machine, model TA-66-V, s/n 6866, 6-wide carriage, with Siemens Simatic OP7 controller (2000)

Packaging Equipment, Encoders, Labelers

  • Fuji Seal thermo sleever, model LC, s/n 100054, includes sleeve positioner, quality proofing and extraction, 22kva (2006)
  • Bradman Lake sleeve wrapper, model SW702, s/n 61990302, with Nordson hot melt
  • Groneweg bag unloading line, model BE-1500-800, s/n 20004052, with (4) fold cup stacker and Nordson hot melt (2000)
  • Litomat pallet wrapper, model A300, with pallet of film
  • (9) Videojet/Domino inkjet encoders
  • Videojet P3400 printer applicator
  • Logopak VLP-220-III-FW label printer

Lab Equipment

  • (2) Will Wetzlar microscopes
  • (4) Liebherr/Bosch lab freezers
  • (2) Liebherr refrigerators
  • Lab furniture including counters, sinks, tables, wall cabinets, SS cabinets, mobile cabinets, and more.

Support Equipment

  • Atlas Copco air compressor, model GA55-FF, s/n AP1616589, 55kw, with integrated air dryer (2013)
  • Kaeser air compressor, model Premium 350/90i, s/n 1385, 1.7kw, 10 bar (2012)
  • Donaldson Ultra Cool filter, model 0140SP, s/n 48171, refrigerant R
  • Eurowater desalting plant, model A/S, 2 tank unit
  • (440 Rows of drive in racking, 704 pallet positions total
  • Jungheinrich electric stacker, model EJC-110G
  • (3) Jungheinrich pallet movers
  • (2) 5 step crossover platforms
  • Stainless conveyor belt, approx. 16 meters, mobile base
  • Bottle conveyor, approx. 80 meters extending from depalletizer to bottle cleaner

Machine Shop, Pumps, & Parts

  • Knuth universal milling machine, model WF2, s/n 90041
  • Kramer metal shear
  • Klopp shaper with machine vise
  • Shear and bender
  • Pyramid rolls
  • Nico industrial vacuum, model FSP2260DSHBI, s/n 2821003
  • (7) Gotz, Lowara, and Sterling water pumps with connecting stainless pipe & valves
  • (5) Vacuum pumps
  • Flowtech positive displacement pump
  • Parts including copper pipe, SS fittings and valves, pneu. Fittings, pneu. Cylinders, valves and parts, butt weld fittings, SS butt weld fittings, assorted machine parts, and more.

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Equipment is located at:

Heinz GmbH
Harzstrasse 10, 38723
Seesen, Germany

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