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Biscuit Production & Packaging Plant

  • Dublin, Ireland
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Biscuit Production & Packaging Plant

formerly of Jacob Fruitfield

Complete Biscuit Production
and Packaging Facility
with Late Model High Efficiency
Creamed Sandwich Biscuit Line
plus (5) Sheeting, Cut & Bake Lines to 1200 mm

Creamed Sandwich Biscuit Line
High efficiency full width creaming line
Mondo cream make-up & mixing systems
APV sheeting, moulding & cutting line
SIG HSS high speed wrappers & conveyor

Assorted Biscuit Production Lines
APV Baker 1200 mm moulder & baking line
Simon Vicars 1200 mm cutting & baking line
BP 1000 mm bake line with spiral cooler
BP 800 mm laminating, cutting & baking lines

Chocolate Coating & Marshmallow Depositing
APV / Sollich chocolate enrobing lines
APV tempering units & choc melt tanks
Oakes mixing systems & mallow depositors
Greer sprial cooling systems with conveyor

Additional Packaging Machinery
SIG GS1 wrappers with infeeds
Tevopharm Pack V & VI flow wrappers
Metal detectors, checkweighers & casers
Fanuc robotic case palletizing system

Production Support Equipment
Baker Perkins, Sasib & Simon Vicars mixers
Fruit jam & palm oil-fat processing areas
Chocolate, oil, flour & sugar storage systems
Engineering, mechanical, spares & canteen

Wednesday, November 4th
starting at 10:00 am

Jacob Fruitfield Facility
Belgard Road
Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland


Tuesday, November 3rd
from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
or earlier by appointment

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