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Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Plant

  • Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
  • Auction On Site & Online

Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Plant

formerly Jarvis Street Pharma

This auction is being conducted by our partner Corporate Assets both onsite and online. Their Terms and Conditions will apply to all bidders.

Tablet/Capsule Filling & Packaging Line 
Kalish unscrambler, Cremer counter/filler, Lakso counter/filler & cottoner, Kaps-All model G capper, Pillar induction sealer, Fairchild Capmaster CP-600 torquer, CLI wraparound labeller, Kalish Bandit neck bander & PDC shrink tunnel, Bosch Cortina-200 continuous motion cartoner, Cam collator & bundler, Loma LCW 3000 checkweigher, Little David LD19A case sealer 

Cozzoli/Kalish Liquid Filling & Packaging Line
Omega unscrambler, Cozzoli VR520Q & Kalish Kalishtronic liquid fillers, MRM Elgin Versa-Cap capper, Loma LCW 3000 checkweigher, PDC neck bander with tunnel, Enercon induction sealer, New Jersey front & back labeller, Love Shaw LD19SB case sealer 

MRM Elgin/Horix Liquid Filling & Packaging Line
Palace unscrambler, Kaps-All CLEAN-N-VAC cleaner, Horix 9-head rotary filler, MRM Elgin Versa-Cap capper, Cintex Microweigh checkweigher, CLI Uni 510 wraparound labeler, PDC neck bander with tunnel, Omega DL-27 shrink bundler, Image inkjet coder, Belcor model BEL150 case sealer 

Tube Filling Lines & Cartoning Equipment
Romaco Unipac U 20100 high speed tube filler/sealer (new 2007), with Romaco PromaticC P91 intermittent motion cartoner, & Loma LCW 3000 checkweigher; Also (4) Norden NM620HA automatic tube fillers, plus Kalix KX-14 & KX-60 filler/sealers, RJ Jones model IMV-5 semi automatic cartoners, & Langen B1 reverse tuck cartoner

Tablet Compression 
Stokes Gem Supreme model 571S – 34 station tablet presses, Fette P1000 – 22 station tablet press, Manesty model MKII-65 – 45 station tablet press, Manesty model MKIIA – 37 station tablet press, Manesty model D3B & BB3B 16 & 27 station tablet presses, Stokes model B2 & BB2 16 & 27 station tablet presses, Colton 340-23 single punch press, plus assorted tablet de-dusters, and tablet-capsule metal detectors

Tablet Coating, Drying & Processing Equipment 
Aeromatic T-6 fluid bed dryer, (2) Thomas Eng. Aceela-Cota model 48M111 tablet coaters, Assorted double ribbon blenders from 12 cu ft to 96 cu ft, Several Quadro Comil & model ZC-1 powder dispersers, Fitzmill type DASO6 hammer mills, Urschel model 1500 Comitrol, APV B24 homogenizers, plus assorted colloid mills

Stainless Kettles & Tanks
Lee 40 & 250 gal double action scraper type kettles, Groen 500 gal triple action agitated kettle, Lee 750 & 1500 gal closed top process tanks with double & triple action agitators, Assorted Groen kettles from 150 to 300 gal with LIGHTNIN agitators, (16) Highland & Zero 800 to 1500 gallon mix & blend tanks (several with jackets), wide assortment of mobile day use tanks, plus positive displacement & air powered pumps

Water Purification & Facility Equipment
Biolab reverse osmosis purification system, Aquafine & Sterilight ultraviolet disinfection units, Trojan Aqua UV disinfection & oxidation unit, Quincy 30, 60 & 75 HP rotary air compressors, Pneumatch regenerative air dryers, Plymovent fume extractor, Torit dust collectors, Wayne Forge multi compartment electric drying oven, 

Material Handling & General Plant Equipment
Yale & Clark 4500 lb electric forklifts, Raymond reach trucks & electric pallet lifts, Cousins automatic pallet wrapper, (240) sections of 18 x 42 wide adjustable pallet racking, wide assortment of packaging support equipment, large quantity of assorted stainless scales, wash stations, cabinets & pipe work, plus maintenance shop, full laboratory, and office furnishings 

In association with Corporate Assets & Capital Recovery Group.

Wednesday & Thursday
May 1st & 2nd
Starting at 10:30 am Eastern Time

Jarvis Street Pharma
333 Jarvis Street
Fort Erie, Ontario
L2A 5M9 Canada


Tuesday, April 30th
from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
or earlier by appointment

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