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Unused Crushing Plant Support Installations

  • January 28, 2021
  • Dunkirk, France
  • Timed Online Auction
  • ADD TO CALENDAR 29/11/2020 Unused Crushing Plant Support Installations

    Purchased new for Uranium Heap Leach Mine Project All components located in Dunkirk France  

    Dunkirk, France

Purchased new for Uranium Heap Leach Mine Project

All components located in Dunkirk France  

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Over €24 Million Euro-dollar Purchase Cost Featuring

MMD Rock Crushing Plant

MMD Sizing Plant

New Unused Crushing Plant consisting of:

  • MMD 6 Ring Sizer, 1000 Series, 3T, rail mounted
  • Fully outfitted, air-conditioned control cabin
  • Allen-Bradley Rockwell PCC 3000 controls and PLCs
  • Primary Feeder Bin with discharge chutes
  • Steel fabricated tower and platform structures
  • Davit Cranes plus spare sizer gear box and motor

Crushing Plant Belt Feeders

Crushing Plant Belt Feeders

(11) STM belt feeders for crushing and conveying matrix includes:

  • Stockpile fixed feeders, capacity of 785 tons per hour (Qty 3)
  • Secondary rail mounted feeders, capacity of 785 tons per hour (Qty 2)
  • Tertiary rail mounted feeders, capacity of 625 tons per hour (Qty 4)
  • Agglomeration rail mounted feeders, capacity of 780 tons per hour (Qty 2)
  • All of the above come complete with drive system and endless belts

Belt Magnets & Weighers

Belt Magnets & Weigher

Package supports RBL Conveyor Matrix with

  • (3) Lux Magnet over-band belt type magnets
  • (4) Metcorr metal detectors, models 117C-12 & 117C-16
  • (7) Schenk dual & triple idler belt weigher assemblies
  • Full compliment of electrical sensors for weighing and detection
  • Associated framework, weights for calibration and installation drawings

Complete Emulsion Plant with Mobile MMU’s

Complete Emulsion Plant

  • (2) Titan Nobel-Renault mobile explosive emulsion trucks (unused)
  • Boccard NH4OH and HN)3 dosing systems with HMT skid & tanks
  • Flexicon nitrate lump breaking, conditioning, feeding & loading system
  • Axima prefabricated air extraction system with building
  • Mersen dense nitrate heaters, agitators & KSB pump sets

All Terrain 8x8 Lube Truck

Renault Lube Truck

  • Heavy duty lube system mounted on Renault 8×8 chasis
  • Lubrication equipment provided by LaFon Technologies
  • Includes (8) stainless tanks, air compressor and pumps
  • All equipment integrated into a modified ISO container
  • 24 Volt high amperage electronic system with digital display
  • Wheels & tires: G.385/65RH + 315 / 80R22.5 RHD2+

Renault GIMAEX Fire Truck

Renault Fire Truck

This TRIEXT is a water, foam and powder fire fighter with

  • POK PRIMATOR cannon with adjustable pressure jet
  • TEKLITE TF 340 telescopic mast with 4m extension
  • 250 kg powder reserve tank plus 20-liter nitrogen bottle
  • 24 Voltage electrical system with mechanical cut-off
  • GIMAEX cockpit control, mast & rear control panel

Fire Water Pump Station

Fire Water Pump System

Designed with redundant diesel backup systems consisting of:

  • Flowserve diesel main water pump with Cummins power
  • Flowserve main fire water pump with Leroy Somers electric motor
  • (2) Flowserve multi V3604 jockey pumps with control panels
  • Silencer, air & pressure release valves, suction spool & discharge
  • Full set of spare parts for commission and start up

Compressed Air System

Compressed Air System

One of (2) compressed air systems consisting of

  • (3) Dalakiran model DVK-125 rotary screw air compressors
  • Integrated air cooler, filter and water separator
  • BEKO-Germany Mat 30 oil water separator
  • MIKROPOR high efficiency air line filter, model GO1820MX
  • Model DHT-5 wet air receiver with 16-24 bar design & test pressure

Standby Diesel Generator

Standby Diesel Generator

Features of 315 KW generator provided by SDMO

  • Volvo model TAD941GE diesel engine
  • Leroy Somer type LSA 47.2 S4 alternator,
  • Capabilities of up to 690 volts at 50 Hz, 1500 RPM
  • IP55 Protection with engine coolant pre-heat system
  • Fully enclosed sound proof enclosure for dust environment

Schneider Transformer Package

Schneider Transformers

Set of five transformers ranging from 100 to 1250 KVA

  • Schneider 1250 KVA oil transformer, 15-0.420 kv
  • Schneider 1000 KVA oil transformer, 15-0.72 kv
  • Schneider 630 KVA oil transformer, 15-0.72 kv
  • Schneider 400 KVA oil transformer, 0.69-0.420 kv
  • Schneider 100 KVA oil transformer, 0.69-0-0.42 kv

Schneider PLC Package

Schneider PLC Package

Package of (19) MODICON M-340 PLC’s feature

  • All in one CPU’s with multitasking for guaranteed reflex
  • Memory programing code up to 70 Kinst with backup memory
  • Flexible use with Modicon X80 I/O and M580 platforms
  • Central PLC control cabinet plus (18) localized cabinets
  • Ethernet and radio communication network throughout

KBS Pump Package

KSB Pump Package

Set of (12) KSB centrifugal sludge pumps includes:

  • (4) KSB Amarex model NF 50-170 vertical submersible pumps
  • (2) KSB Amarex model NF 50-220 vertical submersible pumps
  • (2) KSB Amarex model NF 50-170 (107) vertical submersible pumps
  • (2) KSB Amarex model NF 50-220 (150) vertical submersible pumps
  • (2) KSB Sewatec model F 50-250G dry type horizontal pump sets

Dorce Modular Office Complex

Modular Office Complex

(17) Prefabricated modular offices with restroom facilities

  • Manufactured by Dorce in 2015 and still in shipping containers
  • Air conditioning, ventilation equipment and fans included
  • Toilets, sinks, plumbing fixtures and lighting provided
  • Independent electrical panel distribution for 400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
  • Rock wool insulation with 124mm external wall thickness

Oily Water Treatment System

Oily Water Treatment System

This ion exchange treatment plant is designed to remove oil

and suspended solids from rain water and wash water collected

from different areas of an industrial job site. The tilted plate separator

has a dissolved air flotation (DAF) treatment stage along with dosing

systems and an outboard pipe flocculator. The plant is designed to

incorporate a compressed air system and complete with PLC controls

Potable Water Treatment Station

Potable Water Treatment System

Housed in air conditioned 40’ HC container with

  • Well water, reject, and filtered water tanks with pumps
  • Static mixers, flocculant dosing units, sand & carbon filters
  • Chiller, heat exchanger, plus 304 stainless pipework
  • MCC/PLC controls housed in additional 20’ container
  • Both 20’ and 40’ air conditioned containers are included

Additive & Dosing Systems

Additive & Dosing System

This skid mounted additive preparation system is designed by Milton Roy

to dose and mix sodium or calcium hypochlorite to disinfect water.

Partial listing of system includes pump, atmospheric mix tank, magnetic

level gauge and switch, plus full compliment of valves, strainer and calibration pot.

A local control panel provides manual start and stop functions, in addition to

automatic stop function in case of low liquid level in skid mounted tank

Telecom Package

Telecom Package

Features and components of Alcatel-Lucent Telecom package

  • Tetra radio network for radio communication on ROHILL solution
  • Fixed telephone network for VoIP telephony OmniPCX Enterprise
  • LAN supporting VoIP telephony and data communications
  • IT sub-system for servers, pcs, workstations and printers
  • Optical fiber sub system with TETRA mobile dispatching stations

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Emerson Uninterruptible Power Supply

These two UPS units, one AC and one DC, provide high quality power for

electronic equipment loads. Features include high input power factor,

full compatibility with all types of loads, power black-out protection,

operating temperatures from 0 to 40 degree centigrade. Application utilizes

double conversion topology; in AC it converts AC power into DC power

for battery charge, and reconverts back into clean AC power mode.

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