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Complete Cake Production Plant

  • Newport, South Wales, UK

Complete Cake Production Plant

Formerly of Avana Bakeries

Complete Cake Production Plant

Newport, South Wales, UK

Formerly of Avana Bakeries
Producers of celebration cakes, puddings,
chilled desserts and flour based confectioneries

2005 Factory Installations 
Babbco air impingement tunnel ovens
Starfrost double spiral freezing system
Mondini twin-pot sponge pudding line
Process boiler plant & Bulk flour handling

Dough Make-up Equipment  
Tonelli mixers, Boone ribbon mixers
Tanis cut, mix and continuous aeration line
Comas blockers, dough molders & sheeters
V-Mag stuffer filler with Reiser depositor

Filling, Depositing, & Laser Cutting 
Newtech Robosonic cake cutters
Wide assortment of mobile depositors
Sauce boiling pans and chocolate melters
Qualitech depositors & alcohol injectors

Wrapping & Packaging Equipment  
Flow wrappers & cartoners
Marden Edwards overwrappers
Wide assortment of metal detectors
Labelers, case sealers & rotary tables

Plant Support Equipment
Late model compressed air systems
Huge assortment of sanitary conveyor
Large quantities of trays, racks & pans
Complete stores inventory & workshop

Auction will be held online only. 
Lots will open for bidding Friday, July 14th at 1:00 pm BST

Closing Schedule
Lots will begin closing Wednesday, July 19th at 1:00 pm BST

Public Previews:
3 July to 18 July from 9 am to 4 pm.

UK Contacts:
Sam Reese – +44 (0) 7555484635
Hazel Tria – +44 (0) 7503327981

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Contact Information.
For more information, call Sam Reese at 415.522.5700 or email:


Jon Griffiths -

Off: 44 7587171235

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