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Our Team

Richard Reese Rabin Worldwide President CEO

Richard Reese


Shira Weissman Rabin Worldwide

Shira Weissman

COO & General Counsel

Ariel Rabin Rabin Worldwide

Ariel Rabin

Principal - Real Estate

Daniel Rabin Rabin Worldwide

Daniel Rabin

Principal - Real Estate

Orlee Rabin

Executive Vice President

Jakob Grøn

Chief Financial Officer

Keith Rottman Rabin Worldwide

Keith Rottman

Senior Vice President of Auctions & Appraisals

Nate Ellis Rabin Worldwide

Nate Ellis

Senior Vice President of Real Estate

Kendra Marshall Rabin Worldwide

Kendra Marshall

Vice President of Asset Management

Hazel Tria Rabin Worldwide

Hazel Tria

Senior Vice President of Auctions Operations

Randy Small

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Chelsea Greiwe Rabin Worldwide

Chelsea Greiwe

Vice President of Business Operations

Laura Reid

Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

Sam Reese

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Irina Okun Rabin Worldwide

Irina Okun

Controller, Rabin Worldwide

Linda Little Rabin Worldwide

Linda Little

Controller, Rabin Management Company

Tommy Kuang Rabin Worldwide

Tommy Kuang

Real Estate Accountant

Karina Medeiros

Property Accountant