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Schubros Brewery

Schubros Brewery

Schubros Brewery Turnkey Sale

Background: Schubros Brewery, a craft beer company in the San Francisco Bay Area, had aspirations of expanding into China with a new line of products. Due to rising tariffs, however, it faced a series of setbacks that forced the company to back away from both its Bay Area brewery and its international ventures.

Facing an expiring lease in their East Bay location, the owners of Schubros Brewery stopped production and closed its taproom. They had to monetize their brewery assets quickly and vacate their location. Having heard about Rabin’s successful sale of Black Diamond Brewery, Schubros reached out to our team for help.

Result: Rabin took the microbrewery assets to an online auction with a highly targeted marketing campaign, resulting in a complete turnkey purchase. The assets were sold to a buyer from Reno, Nevada at a price that was well over the expected value. Our team quickly and efficiently removed all the brew house equipment and left the landlord and Schubros ownership happy.