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Snack Food Production Plant

  • Valdosta, Georgia
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Snack Food Production Plant

formerly Organic Milling

Popcorn Lines
Cretors 650 lb popcorn line
Microwave popcorn packging line
Groen make-up kettles & seasoning
Double bagging platform with Z-buckets

Heat & Control Tortilla Chip Line
H&C mobile tortilla chip sheeters
Mapimpianti continuous masa mixer
H&C 1600 chip oven with equilabrator
H&C 1100 lb capacity continuous chip fryer

Bake Corn Snack Production Line
Maddox corn mixers & extruders
Flexicon dry ingredient systems
Lanley multiple pass bake ovens
Coating, storeveying & conveying

Corn Chip & Crunchy Cheese Lines
Maddox corn masa feeder
Marlen 750 hydraulic extruder
H&C 600 lb & 1000 lb hot oil fryers
Coating systems with make-up kettles

Additional Packaging Machinery
Hayssen Ultimas with Ishida weighers
Ilapak Jaguire Record flow wrapper
Bartelt style pouch filler (microwave line)
Metal detectors, case tapers & labelers

General Plant Merchandise
Forklifts & quality control lab

The entire baking facility of this operation
will be auctioned the following day…

Snack Plant Auction
Wednesday, October 14th
Starting at 10:00 am EDT

to be held by catalog, video & online
Organic Milling Facility
701 North Forrest Street
Valdosta, Georgia


Monday & Tuesday,
October 12th & 13th
from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
or earlier by appointment

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