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Cosmetics & Body Care Products Manufacturing Equipment

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Cosmetics & Body Care Products Manufacturing Equipment

All professionally disconnected and ready to load

(40) Process Mixing Tanks with High Speed-Full Sweep Agitators
Everything professionally disconnected and ready to load

Vacuum Process Systems & Vertical Mixer
Lee 3800 litre vacuum processing tank, (mfg 2008), 20 hp direct drive
(2) Becomix vacuum batch processing systems, 400 & 500 gal
Oscar Krieger 1400 litre vacuum batch processing system
Becomix 450 gal jacketed mixing tank, with 2 hp shear mixing blade
Ross 500 gal vertical mixer with inline homogenizer & pump set

Stainless Process Mix & Blend Tanks
(9) Mueller 1,500 Gal conical bottom process mixing tanks
(2) Precision Stainless 1500 gal jacketed mixing tanks, 316 ss
(10) Precision Stainless 700 gal jacketed mixing tanks, 316ss
(2) Alfa Laval & CB 600 & 750 gal batch process tanks
(3) Mueller process mixing tanks, 300 to 500 gal

Storage & Additional Mixing Tanks
(5) 5,500 Gal. horizontal storage tanks, (3) with jackets, all on saddles
(4) Precision Stainless 2,500 liter jacketed cone bottom holding tanks
(2) Palco 2000 gal jacketed storage tanks, top manholes
(2) Spartansburg 350 & 700 gal jacketed mixing tanks
(5) Assorted jacketed mixing tanks & kettles, 100 to 400 gal

Late Model Packaging Machinery
Elmar RP-28 pocket piston filler (recently overhauled)
Groninger 6 position rotary capper, (mfg 2007) with PLC controls
WLS RL2000R rotary label system, (mfg 2008) with controls
Pago System 200/157 linear labeling system (for labels and sleeves)
Krones 14 position rotary labeler, with Videojet Focus 52S coder
IMA MS400 stretch band wrapping & case packing system (mfg 2005)

Additional Equipment
Motoman HP 20 6-axis pick & place robot (mfg 2007), 20-kg capacity
Kalish 12 valve in line pneumatic piston filler with PLC controls
(6) Liquiflo H series sealed close coupled product pumps
(5) Bestflex 200 expandable rolling skate wheel conveyors
Assorted Nordson hot melts, Mettler Toledo Lynx digital scales, barrel pumps, Lightnin mixers, flow meters, stainless furnishings and more

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