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About Us

Rabin’s Industrial and Commercial Liquidators & Auctioneers

In business for over 70 years, Rabin is a family-held auction and real estate investment company, which acquires and sells industrial facilities and equipment around the world. As a leader industrial liquidation, Rabin has sold equipment and assets in every trade sector and on almost every continent. Our focus is on the purchase of complete facilities and factories, including their underlying real estate. With our combination of diverse experience, financial strength, and professional expertise, Rabin has the ability to take on projects of any size and complexity.

Our Team

Now led by the second generation of the Rabin family, our firm understands the
importance of developing long-standing relationships built on integrity and trust. Because of our years of working together and our shared values, we can partner with financial institutions and potential buyers across the globe, giving us the ability to maximize return for our clients.



Since its beginning in the early 1950’s, Rabin has been an innovator in the asset
liquidation field. More than sixty years later, the company has grown into an industry leader, with the ability hold auctions across multiple continents. Rabin has been the auctioneer of choice for some of the world’s favorite brands, as well as single-city or regional enterprises. Rabin Management Company (RMC) enables Rabin to acquire and manage industrial and commercial real estate across the United States.


Press Release

While all of our sales are noteworthy, there are those that are newsworthy as well. Rabin has been a part of the story for many historic and renowned businesses. Whether it was the end of an era for sweet treats like Necco and Hostess, or the major redevelopment of the Oscar Mayer campus in Madison, WI, we sometimes make headlines. Read more about some of our sales, hot off the presses.


Rabin: Commercial Liquidators, Professional Auctioneers and Property Managers

At Rabin, we offer our clients a wide range of services. In addition to Rabin’s industrial and commercial liquidators, auction sales, and real estate business, we also run an in-house commercial real estate investment and management company. Our commercial real estate is handled through our affiliated family-held company – Rabin Management Company (RMC). RMC, headquartered in San Francisco, currently owns and manages over 1,000,000+ square feet of office, multi-family and retail commercial real estate.