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Odwalla - Auction Sale Case Study

Odwalla – Auction Sale Case Study


Background: After a continued decline in sales, Coca-Cola Co. made the decision to shut down its Odwalla juice and smoothie brand.
The discontinuation of the Odwalla brand and its products led to the need to dissolve the chilled Direct Store Delivery (DSD) distribution network by mid-2020. A fleet of several hundred refrigerated trucks and large walk-in coolers were spread across 10 locations throughout the Western U.S. and New England.

Result: Coca-Cola engaged Rabin to liquidate its delivery fleet. Rabin conducted a nationwide series of auctions, segmenting the 10 locations into regional events in order to maximize targeted marketing. In conjunction with the truck sales, our team marketed and facilitated the dismantling and removal of all the coolers. Rabin executed this process in fewer than two months, and Coca-Cola was able to extract from all lease obligations at their facilities. The auctions saw over $4M in monetized asset sales.