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Rabin Difference

Unparalleled Industrial Liquidators and Auctioneers – Discover the Rabin Difference

Rabin’s team of professional industrial liquidators and auctioneers has unparalleled expertise in appraising, marketing, and selling industrial assets across a wide range of industries around the world. The outcome for our clients: maximum value, whether they are disposing of individual assets or an entire company.

Why Choose Rabin?

As leading industrial liquidators and auctioneers, we offer our clients:

  • Decades of experience in the field
  • Track record of maximizing value for our clients
  • Specializing in complex transactions with multiple assets
  • Financial ability to manage deals of any complexity and size
  • Hands-on philosophy and attention to detail

Helping You Achieve Maximum Results

Rabin’s experienced asset appraisers offer businesses an essential starting point by providing an accurate valuation of their industrial assets. Rabin’s aggressive advertising campaigns, dedicated sales team, and extensive international buyer database get your machinery and equipment in front of the companies that need them. With more than 60 years in the marketplace, we have developed relationships that enable us to target strategic buyers, both on a product and a geographic basis.

When appropriate, Rabin can provide a turnkey solution, actively marketing and selling a company in its entirety, including equipment, inventory, intellectual property, and the attached real estate.

Experience the Rabin difference: We invite you to contact us for a free private consultation.

For over 60 years, Rabin has been assisting companies with creating liquidity through innovative solutions. We specialize in complex manufacturing facilities with idle or marginally productive assets. Rabin’s operations include selling entire plants, multiple plant locations, or surplus individual items by auction or liquidation and more. Past auctions include names such as Hostess, Braniff Airlines, Montgomery Ward, and the Railway Express Agency. Please contact us to learn more about our professional team of industrial liquidators.