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Auction Liquidation Services

Rabin’s Auction Liquidation Services

When your company is facing a liquidation decision, Rabin provides comprehensive, experienced auction liquidation services to assist you through the process. We work meticulously to ensure you obtain the maximum value, whether you are liquidating your entire company, or just a portion of your industrial or commercial equipment or machinery. With over 60 years in the business, we have the expertise to handle any size of auction.

With our large database of potential buyers, we can directly reach out to our closest industry contacts and personally invite them to participate. Our proprietary auction platform and online technologies connect you with qualified buyers from all over the world.

Our Auction Liquidation Services Offer Quick Results

We understand that time is of the essence, and we can complete the entire liquidation process in as little as 60 days. Our auctions are well organized and efficiently run from start to finish. We know that good communication is vital to the success of the transaction. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your returns and ensure a positive bidding experience.

Our Auction Liquidation Services Include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive inventory, inspection, and appraisal of all machinery and equipment for sale.
  • Keeping large and heavy pieces of equipment in their current locations, still hooked up to power and/or water, so bidders can see the equipment running.
  • Arranging and displaying smaller, movable items neatly, often on pallets.
  • Creating and grouping items together to offer the best value to the bidder.
  • Detailed cataloging of items to be auctioned by recording, tagging, and photographing.
  • Providing an accurate valuation of your assets as a starting point.
  • Managing a well-organized auction of your assets, from start to finish.

Rabin is a national asset disposition firm, specializing in industrial and commercial facilities with idle or marginally productive assets. Rabin’s operations include selling entire plants, multiple plant locations, or surplus individual items by auction or liquidation. If you would like to learn more about Rabin’s auction liquidation services, please contact us for a free confidential consultation.