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In the early 1990’s Rabin began investing in commercial real estate and has since become an active investor and owner selling over 50 million square feet of real property. Rabin Management Company (RMC) was established in 2005 to manage and operate Rabin’s holdings, which includes commercial and multifamily properties and industrial real estate. The Rabin portfolio currently includes nearly 10 million square feet in 5 key markets.


Rabin’s expertise lies in the acquisition process, redevelopment and improving building systems. We approach each project with a unique vision and appreciate the complexity of each new venture. As strategic investors, we seek opportunities in industrial and commercial sectors, in markets that exhibit strong demand characteristics, high barriers to entry, and other value add opportunities. Distressed properties are reimagined, giving them new life.



Rabin has operated in nearly every market in the United States, including rural, urban and coastal markets. Rabin currently focuses on purchasing properties in California, Oregon, Texas, Michigan and Wisconsin. See the interactive map for a highlight of some of Rabin’s current and past projects.


Featured Projects

Rabin’s real estate portfolio currently has approximately 10 million square feet under management. Our portfolio covers a wide range of asset classes and complexities, from commercial properties in high demand markets, to the development of residential towers in urban cores. We have repurposed industrial multi-tenant campuses and completed multi-location industrial property transactions. Each project has its own character, challenges and opportunity for creativity. We invite you to check out some of our highlighted projects.