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Rabin works collaboratively with private equity companies, workout groups, trustees, banks, brokerage communities, and other key players to source its real estate transactions. Our acquisition team runs a strategic assessment of the market, value-add opportunities, development potential, and barrier to entry, as well as a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis to understand the upside potential of each new opportunity. Rabin engages in a comprehensive acquisition process, from due diligence, environmental studies, development models, and feasibility studies before deploying capital. Our ability to source new projects from a wide network provides Rabin a diverse and exciting real estate acquisition flow.

Real Estate Development

Rabin takes an opportunistic approach to rel estate development. Defined by an entrepreneurial spirit, Rabin is not confined by asset classes, specific markets or property size. We have experience with the land entitlement process, design review, zoning changes, environmental impact studies, community outreach, and adaptive reuse of existing structures. Rabin is a proponent of mixed-use and transit-oriented development, particularly in the industrial sector. We often work with highly complex or constrained sites, seeking to uncover the maximum value in redevelopment work.

Asset Management

Rabin manages the operational and physical characteristics of each property-seeking to track market value in order to make informed decisions. We oversee budget preparation, preventative maintenance programs, quarterly expense reporting, and actuals to budget. We also do proactive improvements to all of our properties to make them more valuable, as well as ensure they are fully leased and effectively run. Our team adapts to ever-changing market conditions by developing and modifying our business plans every year, regardless of how long we have owned a property.

Property Management

Rabin provides astute management for all of its properties including: marketing, advertising, working with brokers on tenant acquisition, physical preparation of vacant spaces, collection of fees, and enforcement of terms. We ensure that all building systems are code compliant and operational. We do not offer property management as a service.


Rabin is always looking for additional real estate investment opportunities. We utilize various funding sources, including: bonds, stocks, real estate projects and venture investment, to ensure our asset allocation is balanced to reflect our appetite for risk and opportunity. We welcome the opportunity to invest in new acquisitions and venture investments that fit our model of investing. If you have an interesting project and need capital, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

We assist companies by delivering liquidity for both industrial equipment and real estate assets in a single transaction.

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