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Enersafe’s New Retail Inventory

  • Lindale, Midland & San Antonio, TX

Enersafe’s New Retail Inventory

Over $1 million replacement cost

Enersafe’s New Retail Inventory

Over $1 million replacement cost

Products of (60) Brand Suppliers 
Over (250) lots for wholesale buyers

Gas Monitoring / Air Packs

  • (4000) Drager & RAE personal monitors
  • Escape packs, regulators & respirators
  • Charger kits, calibration stations, pumps
  • Air hose, cylinders, 100’s of accessories

Apparel – Safety Gear

  • Flame resistant jackets, jeans & shirts
  • Rain suits, coveralls, safety vests, hoodies
  • 1000’s of Gloves and safety glasses
  • Hard hats, ear protect & first aid supplies

Yeti & Pelican Coolers / Cases

  • Large assortment of Yeti Coolers
  • Pelican coolers & travel cases
  • Yeti bottles, tumblers & containers
  • Apparel, accessories & decals for above

Safety Equipment

  • Safety harnesses, lift straps & slings
  • Lifelines, Lanyards, tension reels
  • Oil riggers kits – Climb assist blocks
  • Fire extinguishers, brackets & blankets

Additional Products

  • Signs, flags & traffic control gear
  • Solar and wireless components
  • Gas additives, hose reels, Task lights
  • Windsocks, tape, spill kits and more

Online Auction opening on Tuesday, October 25th and closing on Tuesday, November 1st starting at 8am PDT.

All Items must be removed by Saturday, November 5, 2016.

Inspection available by appointment.

Registration on Bidspotter available here.

Retail Outlet Locations and Contact Information:

Rick Hope – 415.254.9252  rick.hope@rabin.com
223 Seale Road, San Antonio, TX 78219

Clayton Apo – 920.251.0241  clayton.apo@rabin.com
3800 N FM 1788, Midland, TX79707
(Kermit & Pirate Yard Locations)

Ronnie Angeles – 415.999.0863  ronnie.angeles@rabin.com
18557 Hwy 69, Lindale, TX 75771

Contact Information.

For more information, please contact: Brian Hayes at brian.hayes@rabin.com