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Complete Fluid Milk Facility H.P. Hood / Former Rosenberger Dairy

  • Hatfield, PA

Complete Fluid Milk Facility H.P. Hood / Former Rosenberger Dairy

HP Hood / Former Rosenberger Dairy


Under Contract as a Turn-Key Business

Complete Fluid Milk Facility
H.P. Hood / Former Rosenberger Dairy

(25) S/S Silos & Tanks
(4) 2010 Feldmeier 20,000 Gallon All S/S Silos
(13) 6,000 gal to 20,000 Gallon S/S Refrigerated and Cold Wall Silos
DCI 2,000 Gallon Dome Top Processor
(4) CB 5,000 Gallon S/S Refrigerated Horizontal Tanks, S/S Fronts
200 Gallon & 300 Gallon S/S Dome Top processors
3-Compartment S/S Insulated Tank

Separator, Pasteurizers, Homogenizers
Westfalia S/S CIP Separator
APV 5,000 GPH HTST, AGC S/S Plate Heat Exchanger, Holding Tube, Balance Tank, Timing and Booster Pumps, Flow Meter, and Controls
AGC 5,000 GPH HTST Pasteurization System, S/S ProPack Plate Package Heat Exchanger
Gaulin Homogenizer, Model: MC75.2.5TPS 4650MC752.5TPS
Gaulin Homogenizer, Model: MC45
Fristam S/S Powder Blending Table, (2) Liquid Rings, (2) High Shear Pumps
2005 Tetra Pak Tetra Plex Cream Cooling System, S/S Plate Heat Exchanger, Fristam,S/S Balance Tank

(6) Federal, Fogg, & Cherry Burrell Fillers
Federal 30-Valve Small Bottle Filler, 10-Head Screw Capper
Fogg 28-Valve Gallon Jug Filler, 10-Head Screw Capper
(2) Federal 26-Valve and 21 valve Gallon Fillers, 6-Head Screw Cappers
Cherry-Burrell H5 and N-5 S/S Gable Top Fillers
Over (150) 3-Way Air Valves in Clusters
(30) Positive and Centrifugal Pumps
100’s of feet of S/S Piping with Valves, Fittings and Flowmeters

Packaging Equipment
(10) Statco, Deam, Pak-Tek, Westco and DCC S/S, casers and stackers
(2) Dyco Jug Incline Elevator
(4) Dyco Automatic Debagging Table
S/S Table Top Conveyor
(5) Aesus Pressure Sensitive Labelers
(6) Hitachi Ink-Jet Coders
(2) Girton Case Washers
Lantech and Wulftec Pallet Wrappers
DCC Case Palletizer

Chester-Jensen 60,000 LB/HR Ice Builder
Chester Jensen Falling Film Glycol Chiller
Vilter 4, 6 and 8-Cylinder Ammonia Compressor
Ammonia Accumulating System

Material Handling
(10) Raymond Electric Pallet Jacks
Raymond and Yale Stand Up Forklifts
Sky Jack 3226 Scissor Lift
Aluminum Jug Dollies; Over 20 S/S Bossy Carts, Pallet Jacks, Advance Floor Scrubber

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