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Dry Food Production & Packaging Plant

  • Cobourg Ontario Canada
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Dry Food Production & Packaging Plant

Two-day auction of Kraft Canada

Auction Will Be Conducted In US Dollars.

Bartelt Packaging Department
Pouch lines for Jello & instant pudding desserts
Double Shake & Bake packaging & cartoning system
Stainless ribbon blenders & Sweco separators
Metal detectors, checkweighers, case sealers & erectors

Cereal and Coffee Packaging Buildings
Hayssen & Sandiacre cereal box baggers with Yamato scales
Forsberg granola blender, Z-bucket elevators & tote bins
Proctor Schwartz & FEC belt dryers with cereal coating systems
Instant coffee packaging line for 125 gram rectangular tin

Stainless Process Decks, Tanks & Pumps
Certo stainless blending deck with Contemar 140 gal mixers
Quadro & Fitzmill grinders, dust collection & storage bins
10,000 gal stainless silo tanks for liquid sugars & syrups
Cherry Burrell process tanks, make-up tanks & Waukesha pumps

Warehouse & Material Handling Equipment
Priority One and Mathews case palletizers with conveyor
Late model Wulftec & Orion automatic pallet wrapping systems
RMT Engineering 4 station robotic palletizing system
Crown electric rider trucks, stand-up stacker lifts, and pallet movers

Plant Support Equipment and New Spare Parts
(20) Assorted bulk storage silos for grains, sugars & liquids
IR 600 hp air compressors – York chillers with Marley towers
Machine, fabricating, maintenance and electrical work shops
New spare parts and motor inventory, plus (60) Vidmar cabinets

In association with TCL Asset Group

Tuesday & Wednesday,
June 2nd & 3rd
starting at 10:00 am daily

Will be held by catalog, video & online
Kraft Canada Facility
520 William Street
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Registration Instructions

Monday & Tuesday,
June 1st and 2nd
from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
or earlier by appointment

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