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Paper Tissue Mfg Lines & Plant Electrical

  • Lincoln, ME

Paper Tissue Mfg Lines & Plant Electrical

formerly of Lincoln Paper & Tissue

Paper Tissue Mfg Lines & Plant Electrical

formerly of Lincoln Paper & Tissue Lincoln, Main

Complete Tissue Mfg Plant

  • (2) Paper tissue making lines, both complete with slitter – rewinders, Nash vacuum pumps, deflakers and refiners, Sweco and Bird Johnson screen, assorted pumps plus electrical switchgear

Tissue Mfg Support Equipment

  • Includes Impco Solvo pulper, Sandy Hill roll splitter, 2006 Mechadyne roll wrapper, FKW all stainless screw press, Atlas Copco air compressors with air dryer sets

Power Generation Equipment

  • Totally refurbished and unused Westinghouse KATO 16.5 meg steam turbine gen set;  Westinghouse 5000 kw DC gen set; 1300 kw Diesel back up generator; Complete Hog Fuel and Zurn oil fired package boilers

Plant Electrical

  • Transformers range from 50 to 5000 kva; Complete swichgear rooms include Allen Bradley and Westinghouse mcc’s; Large qty of variable speed motor drives and controllers

Copper Wire

  • Approx $400,000 scrap value of copper wire & cable will be offered in bulk with plant electrical. Half of the wire is already down, stripped and ready for market

Rotary Kiln, Pulp Digester & Recovery Bldgs

  • Each to be offered in their entirety. Includes massive ss lined pulp digester systems,  oxygen reactor bleaching sytems, Allis Chalmers 250′ rotary dry kiln; recovery boiler plant with 6 effect x 10 body stainless evaporator system, plus tons of stainless pipework throughout

Online Auction opens September 14th. Items will begin closing September 20th at 11:00 am EST.

Inspection available by appointment

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Group A. Bulk bid for Tissue Line 7 (395 to 416)
Group B. Bulk bid for Tissue Line 6 (417 to 432)
Group C. Bulk bid for 16.5 Meg steam turbine (739)
Group D. Bulk bid for electrical installations (5001 to 5039)
Group E. Salvage rights for all lots not identified above, plus remaining steel structures, associated stainless materials and pipework, and any electrical cable not associated with lots 5001 to 5039.
Group F. Entirety bid for all lots and site salvage rights noted above.

NOTE: All lots will be offered separately and held in abeyance prior to the above Bulk Bid Groups. The winning bidder of any Bulk Bid Group (A through D) will be provided with individual lot bids within that group. 

Contact Information.
For more information, please contact Gary Katz at 1.800.300.6852 or email: