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Meat Processing & Packaging Facility

  • Calgary, Canada
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Meat Processing & Packaging Facility

surplus to the needs of major Canadian grocer

Ground Beef System
Weiler model 1109 coarse and
MG-1109 mixer grinders, MTC
double ribbon blenders to 8000 lb,
plus Kartridge-Pak Chub machine

Beef Patty Making Line
Formax patty formers with cubers,
Martin Barron dual lane 20-tier
spiral freezer, RMF patty stackers,
Foremost bagger & metal detection

Pork Sausage Process Area
Weiler 1109 pre-grinder with double
auger-feeds and dumpers, Weiler
MG-1109 mixer grinder, Handtmann
mod VF200 & VF300 vacuum stuffers

Processed Meat Department
Enviro-Pak smokehouse cookers,
2005 Carruthers auto shredder.
Challenge Cook & Lutetia vacuum
tumblers, Needle injector and more

Meat Receiving & Boning
Raytheon microwave with Weiler
1109 block grinder; Jones Superior
breaking & head saws, 14-station
boning tables, Chad carcass wash

Packaging and Other Equipment
Cryovac rotary packagers, Hinds
Boch depositors, Vemag Robot
stuffers, Townsend 7600 skinners,
plus metal detectors, labelers, etc.

In association with the Barliant Company
and TCL Asset Group

Tuesday, December 8th
starting at 10:00 a.m. MST

To be held by catalog, video & online at
The Sandman Hotel – Calgary City Centre
888 7th Avenue
Calgary, Alberta T2A 6J1


Monday, December 7th
from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
or earlier by appointment

Facility Address:
3440- 56th Ave. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2C 2C3

Contact Information.
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