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Large Prepared Food Plant

  • Beauvais, France

Large Prepared Food Plant

Surplus to the needs of Nestle, France

Large Prepared Food Plant Facility

Surplus to the needs of Nestle, France

Multi-purpose production facility for family meal entrees, pasta, and pastry-filled “Hot Pockets”

Summary of factory departments:

Filled Pastry Production Line – New in 2005, previously producing Hot Pocket frozen filled pastries. Main equipment components include…

  • BVT Bakery Services double sheeting and pastry make-up lines
  • Wolverine Proctor impingement bake oven
  • Frigoscandia Gyro Compact spiral freezer
  • Cartoner and robotic carton palletizers

Prepared Family Meal Hall – Previously producing family meal entree on tray carrier line, with an assortment of filling components, including…

  • Handtmann vacuum stuffer fillers
  • Multipond mobile weigher fillers
  • Mobile dosing & depositing machines
  • Flow pack wrappers, cartoners, and case packers

Lasagna Make-up & Packaging – Large production & packaging hall for 600 gram, 1 kilo, and 1.5 kilo prepared pasta dishes. Main components feature…

  • Bionaz 1000 litre automated sauce-making platform
  • Alfa Laval Contherms
  • Pasta mixing/extruding platform
  • Frigo double spiral freezer
  • (3) complete packaging lines

Cook & Preparation Department – Includes (4) cooking decks each consisting of (5) 1000-litre cook & mix pans, Alfa Laval Contherms and automated controls. Support equipment features…

  • Fam dicer
  • Karl Schnell meat tumblers
  • Laska meat grinders
  • Carnitech paddle mixer
  • Shredders, Waukesha pumps, and tote wash systems

Multivac Lines & Freezing Systems 

  • (2) Multivac R270-CD and R570-CD thermoformer lines (mfg in 2005), with downstream packaging components
  • (3) Frigo Scandia Gyro Compact single and double tower spiral freezing systems with enclosures
  • (7) Plate freezer stations, including Frigo Auto-Plate and Samifi Babcock Platematic systems

Factory Support Equipment – Over (100) machines, including…

  • Lagarde retort cookers
  • Spiral dough mixers & reversible sheeter
  • Bionaz cooking kettles, bowl cutters, and cheese shredders
  • Ribbon blenders, patty formers, and grill system
  • Dry ingredient blending systems
  • Big bag unloading stations
  • Assorted stainless tanks to 8000 litre

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