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Nutrition, Health and Wellness

  • Hopkins, MN

Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Surplus from Nestle Operations

Nutrition, Health and Wellness R&D Facility

No longer needed in the continuing operations of Nestle Health Science Company R&D Facility

Equipment as new as 2015


Pilot Plant Equipment 

  • (2007) Tetra Pak UHT Pasteurization system with holding tube
  • (2) Tetra Pak Alex-15 aseptic homogenizers
  • (2007) Stork Retort Hydrostat Simulator
  • (2009) Scanima/Tetra 300 lt. computerized vacuum blending system
  • (2) DCI 600 lt. computerized vacuum blending systems
  • (4) Groen s/s portable kettles with Lightnin mixers
  • Dole aseptic can filler and seamer

Process Equipment 

  • Urschel 1700 Comitrol (never used)
  • Hobart 80 qt., 20 qt. and 12 qt. vert. mixers
  • (5) APV ParaFlow plate heat exchangers
  • Markem 9450 IP66 conveyor mounted InkJet coder
  • Groen 20 qt electric kettle
  • Stainless sanitary pumps
  • Advent 200 can Labeler
  • Fords bottle sealer
  • Lepel CS JR induction sealer


  • One Vision can seam saw, seam stripper and video seam inspector
  • Vibrac bottle cap torque tester
  • DataTrace, Versa Logger II, Technical Cal Plex and Eckland Probes

Miscellaneous Plant Support Equipment  

  • Ingersoll Rand 30 hp. tank mounted air compressor
  • Hobart Dishwasher
  • Sani-Matic COP tank with pump
  • Stainless Pipping, Micro Motion flow meters, Tru-Flo automatic valves, Allen Bradley HMI control panels, steam control valves
  • Spill containment stands and kits

Analytical Lab Equipment 

  • Thremo Quest Trace GC 2000 gas chromatograph
  • Dionex ICS-3000 Ion Chromatography system
  • HP/Agilent HPLC system
  • Thermo Finnigan Surveyor HPLC system
  • Blue M mechanical oven 300 C
  • ABB FTLA2000-154 FT-IR Spectrometer
  • SterilGARD biological safety cabinet
  • Thermo Super Q 4 bowl filter system
  • Thermo 6500 vacuum oven
  • (3) VWR incubators

Online Auction opens Tuesday, October 24th. Items will begin closing Tuesday, October 31st at 10:00 am CDT.

Inspection available on Monday, October 30th from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. or otherwise by appointment.

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