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Peanut Candy Manufacturing Plant

  • Norfolk, VA

Peanut Candy Manufacturing Plant

Formerly Old Dominion Peanut Company

Peanut Candy Plant with Peanut Brittle, Chocolate Coating, and Copper Panning Lines

formerly Old Dominion Peanut Company
Norfolk, Virginia

Operating through end of March 2018

Partial listing:

Complete Peanut Brittle Line

  • Peanut roasting, cleaning & sorting line
  • Cook & mix system, & Holo-Flight processor
  • Peanut roasting, cleaning & sorting systems
  • Double pass spreader and continuous cooling belts

Packaging Department 

  • Hayssen/Ishida vertical FF&S bagging lines
  • Shanklin F1 flow wrappers with T62 tunnels
  • Econseal & Adco cartoners, PAC Vac bag sealers
  • Labelers, Linx date coders & Little David case tapers

Chocolate Coating & Panning

  • Greer 32” chocolate peanut coating line
  • Chocolate melters, tanks, pumps & pipework
  • Copper panning systems with choc sprayers
  • Stainless cooling conveyors, plastic stacking bins

Support & Facility Equipment

  • 2017 Lantech pallet wrapper
  • Scales, bag sealers, stainless furinishings
  • Air compressors, chillers, dehumidifiers
  • Forklifts, pallet racking, maintenance shop

Additional Surplus Assets (Denver)

  • New unused Cretors caramel corn coater
  • Mod K Kiss wrappers, flow & taffy wrappers
  • Hansella batch rollers, candy puller & cutters
  • Groen fudge kettles, L bar sealer, cooling tables

Online auction only.
Lots open for bidding April 25th at 10:00 AM EDT.
Lots begin closing Wednesday, May 2nd starting at 10:00 AM EDT.

Inspection available by appointment

Listings and registration available on

Rigging Price for Peanut Candy Plant

For check out info:
Norfolk Location:

Please contact: Rick Hope
415.254.9252 │

Denver Location:
Jesus Veloz – 303.333.5588 ext. 170
Aide Rodriguez – 303.333.5588 ext. 187

Contact Information.

for more information, please contact:
Jim Greenberg – 1.347.226.5039


Shiromanie Gartner
1214 Calvary Church Rd Bishopville, SC 29010


Off: 803-428-4510

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