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Commercial Baking Equipment

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Commercial Baking Equipment

Old London Bakery

Bread Make-Up Line consisting of AMF portable stainless dough extruder, flour duster, Oshikiri stainless steel rounder with control panel, Oshikiri overhead proofer, sheeters, molders and conveyors

Note: Bread line will be offered both in its entirety (Lot 1) and piece by piece (Lots 2-14). Whichever offering brings in the higher amount will be awarded the item or items.

  • Belt conveyors
  • 6-Door stainless proofer with Honeywell controls
  • 1,000+ Breadstick baking pans
  • Flat baking trays, loaf baking trays, baking trays (some new)
  • Carbon steel cone bottom flour storage bins
  • 3-Tier pallet racks and wire grids
  • Office furniture

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