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Granular Bagging & Bottling Operation


Granular Bagging & Bottling Operation

formerly of Sobey’s West – Safeway Division
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Complete bagging, bottling & pouch packaging lines for granular dry products. Products packaged include dry beans, peas, barley, rice, pasta, popcorn, spices and stem herbs to name a few. Formerly Sobey’s West – Safeway Division.

2011 installed dry goods bagging line for 500g, 900g, 1 & 2 kg, 2 kg products. Handles both laminate and poly bags at up to 90 pr/min. Main components include:

  • Triangle bagger, model XYM15PRC/A918SHH1 (2011)
  • Fortress metal detector, model SC-CONV-I72SSHD16KICK (2011)
  • Emerald case packer, model DL Drop Packer (2011)
  • Wexxar case erector, midel WF-20T (2011) & sealer, model BEL 252 (2011)
  • Top Tier case palletizer (2011)
  • Markem coders & conveyor

Complete bottle packaging line for 100 ml to 1-litre capacity plastic containers. Previously packaging powdered spices & leafy products, and includes:

  • Palace bottle unscrambler, model CB-42/PB4/H.30
  • All Fill auger filler, model SHA
  • Fortress metal detector, model C-V64X4DIV
  • Kalish capper, model 480000
  • Ditech labeler, model DL362E
  • Enercon induction sealer, model 14464
  • Bundling Machines shrink wrapper, model  GR-25

Pouch filling & case packaging line for 10 to 300 gram pouches. Previously packaging powdered and leafy spices at approx 43 bags pr/min. Partial listing includes:

  • General pouch fillers (one with auger filler), models 70AC & 705C
  • Parsons weigher, model EL-P2WA
  • JMC wicketed bagger,  model WBS-1
  • Fortress metal detector, model C-V72X16KICK
  • Markem coder & conveyor
  • Loveshaw case sealer, model 3D

Additional packaging equipment for 10 kilo bags, plus dry product handling equipment:

  • Powell Systems 10-kg semi auto bag filler
  • Fischbein 10-kg bag stitcher with conveyor, model 400-NSR11S1AD30400 (2011)
  • Capmatic Band-Star bander
  • Stainless tote dump system
  • Spiroflow dry product conveying system
  • (3) Torit Donaldson dust collectors

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PLEASE NOTE: Assets have been dismantled for the convenience of removal. Assets are currently located at Charlton & Hill Ltd., Lethbridge, Alberta. Charlton & Hill dismantled and removed the assets from the plant during the week of August 25. Charlton & Hill moved the assets to their warehouse and staged the assets for this auction. For charges to load trucks, please contact Scott Simpson at