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Hard Candy, Lollipop & Chewing Gum Equipment

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Hard Candy, Lollipop & Chewing Gum Equipment

of Sonriq’s and Dulces Willy – Costa Rica

Hard Candy Cooking, Forming and Packaging Equipment
(All hard candy equipment will be moved to a new location to facilitate the sale)

  • Hansella and Otto Hansel Continuous Cookers
  • (4) Otto Hansel, Latini and Hansell Batch Rollers
  • Euromec Gum Extruder
  • Hansella Uni-Plast Hard Candy Former
  • Tavares 26mm Lollipop Former
  • (2) Latini Continuous Die Pop Machines
  • (4) Cooling Conveyors and Drums
  • (6) Double Twist Wrappers
  • (4) Hayssen and Volpak, Envaflex and Treversa VFFS Machines
  • (3) Flow Wrappers
  • Boilers, Air Compressors & More

Gum Equipment

  • Linden & Baker Perkins Mixers
  • Togum Gum Extruder & Laminator
  • (2) Togum Chunk Gum Lines
  • (4) Nagema/Pactec & Eurosicma Flow Wrappers

The Sonriq’s lots are once again open for bidding now. Lots that have not already been sold last week will begin closing this Thursday, March 20th at  10:00 am Costa Rica time (9:00 am Pacific Time)

Preview by appointment only.

Sonriq’s Industrial S.A. & Dulces Willy
De la Iglesia de Zapote 100 Sur, 400 Oeste, 10105 Zapote, San Jose, Costa Rica

Sonriq's Industrial S.A. & Dulces Willy