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Bakery & Dairy Plant Equipment

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Bakery & Dairy Plant Equipment

formerly Southern Pride Bakery

Southern Pride Bakeries LTD

Complete automatic bread line previously producing swiss rye,
mixed grain, honey & oat, and Burgen with meal and fruit.

Design capacity of 1200 strap pans per hr with
Baker Perkins make-up and bread moulding system
IJ White continuous spiral bread proofer
Spooner Vicar / Sasib double zone indirect fired bake oven
Baker Perkins auto depanner with pan conveying
Stewart Monoflex racetrack style overhead bread cooler
Bettendorf 75 slicer and AMF Mark 50 bagger

Meat Pie Pastry & Swirl Bread Make-Up Lines
2001 Rapida auto reversing spiral mixer
Rheon V4-SFD (stress free divider) system
Automatic meat pie pastry make-up line with depositor
Zerco meat mixer grinder
Swirl bread mobile dough molder with swirl bread former
Additional Bettendorf slicer and Mark 60 bagger

Southern Fresh Milk Ice Cream Plant
Ice Cream process operation installed by APV in 2001.
Partial listing includes
APV milk pasteurizing system with design flow rate of 5000 litre per hr
APV Manton Gaulin KF12-3PS homogenizer
(8) 2200 to 2800 litre stainless process mixing tanks
APV Crepaco S-412 flavour & nut feeders
APV 3-tank CIP system with automatic controls
37,000 litre bulk milk reception tank with Puma pumps
Greer spiral blast freezer with design capacity of 2000 kg per hr
Ice cream churns and packaging removed after plant closure.
Entire plant was run for short period of time before closing.

Complete Ammonia Refrigeration Plant designed for low temp ice cream production and storage. New in 2001 and complete with
(2) Mycom 132kw compound screw compressors for -40 below operation
Mycom 37kw booster compressor for -10 below operation
Ammonia purger, liquid ammonia receiver and plate heat exchangers
Plant available with Greer spiral freezer and or double fan refrigeration coils for
low temp ice cream storage. All installed in 2001.

Plant Facility Equipment
Upgraded plant electrical switchgear & automation installed new for $250K
Aquatherm LP gas boiler with 750Kw output and 500kpa working pressure
ABAC package air compressor set with air receivers
Clark electric forklift and Hyster electric pallet mover
Pallet racking, electrical cable and conveyor

Lots will open for bidding at 8:00 am on Tuesday, October 12th New Zealand time.
(That is 12:00 pm on Monday, October 11th San Francisco USA Time)

Lots will begin closing at 10:00 am on Thursday, October 14th New Zealand time.
(That is 2:00 pm on Wednesday, October 13th San Francisco USA Time)

Auction will be conducted completely online with our Rabin 24/7 service.


There will now be an open preview of the equipment.
Sunday, Monday & Tuesday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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