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Complete Bottling Line

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Complete Bottling Line

formerly used for Sqwincher Sports Drinks

Complete Bottling Line
formerly used for bottling Sqwincher sports drinks

  • Pace unscrambler with Pace 75 cu ft hopper for 8oz,12oz,16.9, 20oz and 24oz bottles; can run 64oz round with a replacement band
  • BFT inversion type all stainless bottle rinser
  • Filler Specialties 26-valve rotary gravity bottle filler / capper; runs 8oz at 350 bpm; can run 8oz to 64oz bottles, 38mm snap and snap-screw cap
  • Cryotech ultradoser with SC350 controller
  • 1996 Zalkin 8-head rotary capper, 500 cpm, for both 28mm flat and sport caps with (4) complete sets of change parts for 12oz, 16.9 oz, 20 oz. and 24 oz.
  • Arrowhead all stainless accumulation table
  • 2002 Dimac Star multipacker shrink wrap machine,for printed and unprinted film. Was running 4 packs and 6 packs 2-up at 60 packs per minute; can run 8 pack and 12 pack; with tray former and pad inserter for 12, 24 and 30 pack trays.
  • (2) Ingersoll Rand 25 hp & 15 hp air compressors

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