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Chocolate Molding Lines & Equipment

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Chocolate Molding Lines & Equipment

formerly of Sweet Works, Inc.

Carle and Montanari Cavemil 600/205 Molding Plant
(4) Aasted & Rasch tempering machines
(3) Savage & Milkroveck chocolate melters
(4) Aasted & Blommer 1000kg to 5000kg melting tanks
(2) Carle & Montanari CMY55/CB4 foilers with AL700 aligning infeeds

Carle and Montanari Confiseur CC275 Shell/One-Shot Molding Plant
(4) Carle, Aasted & Sollich 100kg to 1000kg tempering machines
(4) 500lb to 2000lb melters
Blommer 5000lb melting tank
Carle & Montanari WT3-CB-2 high-speed foiler

Whetstone 300 Custom Built Book Molding Line
Nercon modular conveyor system
Klockner Hansel HPU-2000 foiler with puck infeed
Langen Kyoto horizontal end load cartoner with barrel cam loader

Packaging Equipment
(2) Sapal BB chocolate wrappers
(2) Sapal ZRM foilers
(2) Carle & Montanari CMY55CD twist wrappers
(2) Carle & Montanari CMY55 foilers

Chocolate Tanks
(3) McCarter 50,000 lb bulk tanks
(2) McCarter 15,000 lb standardizing tanks

Plant Support Equipment
(3) Rotary air compressors
Hydro therm gas fired boiler
Airtech vacuum pump

Tuesday, June 15th
Starting at 10:00 am

Sweet Works Facility
40 Sonwil Drive
Buffalo, New York 14225


Monday, June 14th
from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
or earlier by appointment

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