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Snack Cake Baking & Packaging Facility

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Snack Cake Baking & Packaging Facility

surplus to the needs of Tasty Baking Company

Complete production facility of
small, individually wrapped cakes,
cupcakes, baked snacks, pies & donuts

Snack Cakes & Cupcake Production
(10) Production & packaging lines for assorted snacks & cupcakes.
Each line complete with tunnel oven, (2) Doboy wrappers, Paragon cartoners, checkweighers, metal detectors, coders, and Salwasser case packers.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Cake Lines
Includes continuous tunnel ovens, Sollich enrobers, Kreuter cooling
tunnels, Transver product aligners, Doboy wrappers, Bradman Lake cartoners, flap closers, checkweighers and case erectors packers.

Werner Lehara Cookie Production Line
Featuring Werner 48″ wide x 120′ continuous steel band oven, depositing
segment, and (2) stainless double paddle type mixer blenders. Additional
all stainless steel band oven with IJ White spiral cooler & dedicated wrappers

Peanut Butter Mixing & Blending Department
Includes Schaeffer sigma blade mixer, (3) Ross all stainless ribbon type
mixer blenders with mobile product pumps, all stainless double ribbon blenders, Fitzmill comminuter and peanut grinders

Donut, Pie Lines and Spiral Coolers
Donut production area with AMF 340 qt mixers, Hobart 160 qt mixer, (2) DCA continuous donut frying lines and double spiral cooler, snack pie production area with (2) IJ White spiral coolers with enclosures

Mixing, Blending & Processing Floor
Partial listing includes (14) double paddle tilting mixers, (10) Cherry Burrell
double & triple barrel thermutators, (16) assorted cook & mix kettles from 100 to 400 gallon, continuous aerators, Mueller process tanks, large assortment of pumps

Bulk Storage Systems for Chocolate, Sugar & Oil
Assorted McCarter horizontal & vertical chocolate storage tanks with pumps, Riemelt sugar pulverizing and material handling system, wide assortment of stainless steel bulk storage silos and tanks for granulated & liquid base sugars

Refrigeration & Electrical Equipment
Frick Quantum screw type refrigeration compressors, recently installed Frick & Imeco evaporative condensor units, Joy and Worthington plant air compressors, large inventory of transformers, electrical switchgear plus copper cable

General Plant Merchandise
Complete machine shop with mills, lathes and fabricating equipment, fully stocked new stores crib complete with (50) plus Vidmar tool cabinets, material handling trucks and manlifts, Quality Control and R&D furnishings, plus offices, cafeteria, and pallet racks.

Wednesday & Thursday
July 21st & July 22nd
starting at 10:00 a.m. daily

To be held by catalog & video at
Hilton Hotel Philadelphia
4200 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Tel: 1.215.879.4000


Monday & Tuesday
July 19th & 20th
from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
or earlier by appointment

Tasty Baking Company
2801 West Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19129

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