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Equipment Spotlight – FANUC Robotic Arm

FANUC Robotic Arm


At every Rabin auction, you’re bound to come across some interesting equipment. Invariably, however, some lots are always more eye-catching than others. For this Keurig auction, the coolest piece of equipment is a component within the Schneider Case Packer, the FANUC Robotic Arm. Known as the Fanuc Robot R-2000iB series, the arm has a variety of uses. In the case of Keurig, the process is as follows: The pod cartoner fills the cartons with coffee pods, which then travel down a conveyor into the case packer, where the Fanuc Robotic Arm places it in a box formed by the Schneider machine.

Whereas normal case packers would merely transfer the coffee pods from the cartoner and box them inside the product at a predetermined setting, what makes the Fanuc Robotic Arm so impressive is how it allows for different configurations of filling the coffee pods inside each box, based on how the arm itself is programmed. And the arm isn’t limited to filling boxes with coffee pods. Its applications are endless, I wouldn’t be surprised if with the right program installed and a little further product modification you could get the thing to build a castle out of Lego bricks. But don’t quote me on that.

The Schneider Case Packer with the Fanuc R-2000iB Series Robot is just one of many products that will be available at our upcoming online sale of coffee processing and packaging equipment, surplus to the needs of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. which will begin on Friday, September 22nd and begin closing on Thursday, September 28th.