Rabin Welcomes | Randy Small | Senior Vice President


Rabin Welcomes Randy Small to Our Team

Rabin Welcomes Randy Small


Rabin is excited to announce the newest addition to our team, Randy Small. Randy joins us as Senior Vice President of Business Development, and will serve as the face of our company to negotiate with potential clients, working to turn leads provided by our staff into deals listed on our website.

We’re very enthusiastic about the plethora of experience Randy’s brought with him to our operation. He first began his career in the aerospace and defense industry, working for companies such as General Dynamics, Hughes Aircraft and Raytheon. Following the Cold War ending in the 1990s, government funding in the sector began to be scaled back, and Randy was tasked with closing multiple facilities around the country and selling their equipment. It was at that point he was introduced to the industrial auction industry, whom he negotiated with and worked to ensure the shutdown was a success, ultimately bringing in over $30 million over a three year period and leaving all parties tremendously satisfied with the outcome.

Upon leaving the aerospace and defense industry, Randy was hired by Levy Latham Global as Director of sales. At the time, LLG had just been awarded the contract to sell off all US government military excess assets and equipment within North America. As the 10th employee hired by LLG, Randy was responsible for setting up and hiring people at over 30 locations within the US.

In 2000, he was hired by DoveBid, now known as Liquidity Services. Randy held the title of Vice President of Operations for the America’s while at Liquidity Services until 2016 when he relocated from the Liquidity Services Corp West office in Scottsdale, AZ to Southern California with the Title of Vice President of Sales for North America.

He’s spent the last 20 years of his career working and developing relationships with many different industries, and has honed in on the BioPharma and BioTech sectors in particular. We’re very confident Randy will provide the final piece of the puzzle to maximize our success as an industrial auction company, and are sure that you, our customers and partners, will soon feel the same way. Welcome aboard, Randy!